The final exam and a lot of "see you soon!"

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This will be in English, because I want everyone to be able to read it :). This journey is heading towards the end and it's with both happiness and sadness. Mostly happiness because I've learned sooo much from this trip and are so happy for giving this oppertunity and to meet all this people I've learned to know. I will miss all of you so much!! My English has improved sooo much!! (Even though I speak and write soooo wrong sometime, people understand me better and I can explain things better). Just imagin how terrible I was in English in the begining. 
I still have one more exam left, the hardest one. So I will keep it short so I can go and study again. I'm proud of what I have accomplished here and I can say to myself that I'm awesome, haha. I can understand and learn things in English at a University level! And I'm suprised over all the love that has surronded me and I hope that I spread some love too ;). 
I still miss some photos I want to upload but I just do that later. Thank you Canada and all of you that made my journey I will remember for the rest of my life, I hope this isn't the last time I'm here!! 
Most of the awesome international students that I've met here, this wont be the last time I see you!!
We went to the trails one last time, did a camp-fire and enjoyed life.
All of my friends at the Norsemen and Valkyries signed this poster that will hang in their gym. A lot of love from a lot of strong and warm-hearted people. I don't want to leave you!! But I'll see you in Sweden ;). <3
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Ja,du har nog lärt dig en massa och vet att du kan stå på egna ben. Välkommen hem. ✈